I love Real Estate

My parents have told me all my life…..if you want to get rich in America, find out where everyone is going, and get there first.
That principle applies to all of us when we buy our home or land. Regardless of why we are buying it. A home, a ranch, a place to hunt. We need to make our decisions about where we own so.
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Lake house Found!

The sale went exactly as promised and it went smooth. Genevieve did a great job. I was not the easiest customer because she had to take us to many lake houses before we we hit a home run. Thanks for the help Posted by lougigliotti on 02/26/2012.
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East Texas Real Estate

[box] Many would say:
East Texas Real Estate offers some of the best Real Estate homes for sale in the land, awash with rugged natural beauty.
Rolling hills to the north gradually flatten out into coastal plains as you head Southward and everywhere are verdant forests that are part of the Piney Woods ecoregion. Two major reservoirs, Lake Tawakoni on the west side and Lake Fork to the east, are also renowned landmarks and attractions in the area..
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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!.
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