I love Real Estate



My parents have told me all my life…..if you want to get rich in America, find out where everyone is going, and get there first.

That principle applies to all of us when we buy our home or land. Regardless of why we are buying it. A home, a ranch, a place to hunt. We need to make our decisions about where we own so that when we sell, we will be in a better position than when we first started.

I have been buying and selling Real Estate for 20 years. I have followed my own advice.

I am a mother of 4. I am originally from Las Vegas, NV, and am now proud to call Texas my home for 17 years. I have a 160 acre ranch that we live on and several other properties I own for investment.

I will help you find what you want, not what I think you want. I will pay attention to what you say and follow through with your desires for a home or land. I too spent hours searching for our land and was frustrated by Realtors who did not return phone calls or sent me properties that did not fit my desires.


I am a different kind of Realtor. Call me today and we will begin the hunt for exactly what you desire in a home or land……+1 903-268 6347



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