East Texas Ranches


Ranches in East Texas are high in demand lately. Especially in the counties of Hunt, Hopkins, Rains and Van Zandt. You simply can’t go wrong living in one of the most beautiful regions in the State of Texas. With rolling hills, sprawling green fields and meadows, lush forest land and wide open plains, Ranches in East Texas provide an ideal setting for the ranch of your dreams.

Ranches in East Texas

If you’re thinking of investing in East Texas ranches and other large acreage agricultural properties, you will find numerous available options throughout the area . These range from cattle farms in Hunt County and Wood County to horse ranches in Rains County and Van Zandt County. Whether it’s cattle, horses, or agricultural crops, East Texas offers homebuyers and investors alike the finest selection of farm and ranch properties in the Lone Star State.

The scenery and lush acreage aren’t the only advantages that come with owning East Texas ranches. These properties are also usually highly valued because of their close proximity to the major urban centers of Dallas and Ft. Worth, offering access to world-class amenities through a convenient drive just several hours away. In addition, East Texas provides many opportunities for recreation. Go horseback riding, golfing, or hiking, plus enjoy water activities like fishing, boating and even jet-skiing on Lake Tawakoni or Lake Fork. No matter where your interests lie, there’s something for everyone in East Texas. Bring the Livestock!

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